We make insight for parking and cities easy

Making the right use of insight from IoT sensors has massive potential for better decision-making and user experience. But all too many solutions in the market are too complicated and have too specific use cases. We at hauk.ai solve this problem.

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How does it work ?

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Detect anything you need

Using powerful AI recognition, we can count and detect anything you need. Do you want to know the traffic of cars, bicyclists, RVs, skaters, or dogs? Does not matter. Our solution gets you the insight you need, reliably.

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We do not need local power, internet, or make changes to your areas to make it work. Just show us an elevated place to put our sensors and we will give you insight for a large area in no time.

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We give you APIs and powerful dashboards. Through our flexible sensors, detection, and user interface, we can add new solutions as new needs arrive. It is hard to tell what future needs will be, but with us, you are future-proofed.

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Empowered insight and decision-making

Improve operation, reduce cost and give better user experience. See what we have developed already and let us know what you want next.

Smart parking features

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Car counting on parking

We make car counting on all parking areas simple. Drivers can see where they find free parking for less traffic, emission and better driver experience. Parking owners and enforcers see how their parking is actually used for better management.

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No-parking zone alert

Be informed when cars are illegally parked, so you get a full overview, simpler.

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Time limited free parking

Management of parking that is free for a limited time is time-consuming and inefficient. We give you alerts and documentation in real time for higher quality control with less resources needed.

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Smart city features

Get insight into how your city is being used. Measure the traffic and people, bicyclists and cars to see what works best. Make development in your city agile.